Romantic Vest Top Burgundy , Cool From Light

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A Shakti classic, and all-time favorite. Larger cup sizes may not achieve the coverage they're hoping for with this one, but A and B cups will find all the support they need, and an open back design that shows off that toned back and strong spine. Suitable for all types of yoga, walking, cycling.

Our fabrics are tough, made to last, yet uber soft against the skin. And since we love Mother Earth, our fabrics use 100% biodegradable nylon that will fully decompose within three years of being in a landfill environment. So not only are our fabrics kind to your skin, they are kind to the environment too. Enjoy your eco-friendly top!

Finding the perfect fit is essential when it comes to activewear. To help you choose the right size, please refer to our size chart below. Please note that measurements may vary slightly between different styles and fabrics, so we recommend referring to the specific product page for more accurate sizing information.

How to Measure:

To measure your body, follow these simple steps:

  • Bust/Chest: Measure around the fullest part of your chest, keeping the measuring tape parallel to the floor.
  • Waist: Measure around the narrowest part of your waistline, usually just above the belly button.
  • Hips: Measure around the fullest part of your hips, keeping the measuring tape parallel to the floor.
  • Inseam: Measure from the top of your inner thigh down to the bottom of your ankle.

Size Chart:

Please use the following chart as a general guideline for determining your size.

Please keep in mind that these measurements are approximate and may vary slightly. If you are in between sizes, we recommend choosing the larger size for a more comfortable fit. If you have any specific questions about sizing or need assistance, please feel free to contact our customer support team.

Remember, the most important thing is that you feel confident and comfortable in your Shakti activewear. Happy shopping!

SIDE STRING SHORTS Waist 22in 24in 25in 26in 27in
Inseam 2in 2 1/2in 3in 3.5in 4in
Rise 8in 9in 10in 11in 11.5in
MID-RISE SHORTS Waist 22in 23in 24in
Inseam 4in 4.5in 5in
Rise 10.5in 11.5in 12.5in
KNEE HIGH SHORTS Waist  22in 24in 26in 27in
Inseam 11in 11.5in 12in 12.5in
Rise 10in 11 11.5in 12in
MID RISE CAPRI Waist  20in 22in 24in 26in
Inseam 16 1/2 in 17in 18in 19in
Rise 9in 10.5in 11in 11.5in
MESH CAPRI Waist 23in 24in 25in
Inseam 17.5in 18.5in 19in
Rise 9.5in 10.5in 11.5in
MID RISE LEGGING Waist 22in 23in 24in 25in
Inseam 24in 25in 26in  26in
Rise 9.5in 10in 11.5in 11in
LAKSHIMI LEGGING Waist 22in 23in 24in 25in
Inseam 24in 25in 26in 25in
Rise 9.5in 10in 11.5in 26in
MEN'S BRAZILIAN TRUNKS Waist 29in 30in 31in 32in
Rise 10in 11in 11.5in 12in
CROSS BACK TOP Bust  20in 22in 22in 24in
Waist 19in 22in 22in 24in
Length 7in 7.5in 8in 8.5in
ROMANTIC VEST TOP Bust  22.5in 23.5in 24.5in 26in
Waist 20in 22in 24 25in
Length 10in 10.5in 11in 11.5in
GAVEA TOP Bust 24in 26in 27in 28in
Waist 24in 26in 27in 28in
Length 10in 11in 12in 13in
DOUBLE CORSS TANK TOP Bust 22in 24in 26in 28in
Waist 26in 28in 30 in 32in
WEAVE TANK TOP Bust 24in 26in 28in 30in
Waist 27in 29in 31in 33in
Length 22in 23in 24in 25in
TOLLER TOP Bust 26in 28in 30in
Waist 28in 30in 32in
Length 21in 22in 23in
BUILT IN BRA Bust 24in 25in 26in 27in
Waist 26in 28in 30in 32in
Length 20in 21in 22in 23in
GATHER LEG SHORTS Waist 20in 21in 22in 23in
Inseam 2in 2.5in 2.5in 3in
Rise 9in 9.5in 10in 10.5in

Our Fabrics

Our Fabrics:

We're often asked why our clothing feels so soft and light, why it regains its form after each use, dries fast while  it stays looking great through countless wearings and washes.

The answer is simple and it hits at the very core of our business...   

It's our materials!

When we made our first side string shorts we had a very specific need in mind. We loved the feel of cotton but we hated how it absorbed our perspiration and felt heavy on our skin.

We wanted a material that would stretch with our bodies through "asanas", yet bounce back to form as we lay in "savasasana". We aspired for a solution to loose fitting shirts and shorts but we needed to ensure our material would last.

It required a great deal of searching, testing, and tweaking but we found a solution... 

Choose the most unique, highest quality fabrics available, designed to meet our specific goals & needs.


Supplex fabric is a sturdy fabric that closely resembles cotton.However, unlike cotton, it is a very stretchy, non absorbent and non odor retaining material that is easier to care for.It combines modern fiber technology to form a fabric that is comfortable, long-lasting and doesn't damage easily.It contains  50+ UV protection.Available in solid colors.

It contains  50+ UV protection.

Available in Solid colors 


 We make all our prints in this material, We recommend this material for hot yoga or as an "uber" comfortable first layer during colder months for your outdoor activities including the beach.

It is a knitted fabric that combines polyamide with elastane yarn. Lighter weight and thinner than our cool form fabric,  It is meant for heated rooms and hot places. This material is so light and so soft that it is often described as equivalent to the feeling of wearing nothing at all!. 

It contains  50+ UV protection.

Available in print and solid colors.


This fabric feels like butter!

Similar to the Cool Form Light with a "next level" soft touch and a shiny, cool sensation complementing the ultra stretchy feeling.

It contains  50+ UV protection.

Available in Solid colors