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How should I care for my Shakti clothing?


• Hand washing recommended in COLD water

• Machine wash only on delicate cycle • No fabric softener  • Line dry


• DARKER COLORS MAY BLEED: The first time washing, soak in cold water with 1/2 cup white vinegar to set color and prevent bleeding


How long does it take to receive an order after it has been placed?

Please refer to our shipping information. If you are unable to find an answer to your specific shipping related question, contact us toll free 888.474.2584 between 9am-5pm EST M-F.


My item has arrived and it doesn’t fit that way I’d like it to. Can I return it?

Yes. We don’t want you to keep an item unless you LOVE it and we have a return policy in place that’s as flexible as our spines. Visit our return/exchange policy for details on the conditions required for a return and instructions on how to proceed.


When returning a package, do I need to insure?

Totally up to you, but understand that we will not issue a refund or exchange on items that do not arrive to us and we are not responsible for lost packages sent to us. We HIGHLY recommend sending your returns to us via a traceable service.


Retail Customers - Why is my coupon not working when clicking on apply? 

It could be that you are mis-typing the coupon code, that the code has expired, or that you do not meet the specific conditions of that particular code. If you have double checked the code itself and the expiration, give us a call and we’ll do our best to resolve the issue. 99% of the time, the issue is a quick fix.


Wholesale Customers - I just received a unique code but the code does not work...why?

Again, there are any number of reasons this might be. Mis-typing the coupon code, code no longer valid, you may not be logged into your wholesale account before entering the code, or perhaps the code’s value has been used up entirely? The good news is, with the new website, any credit you have for returns lives on your account and will automatically be applied to your next order, so this issue might only come up with discount codes. And hey, if all else fails, give us a call, we’re pretty good at finding a solution.



Do you offer discounts or sale pricing?

Yes, on a regular basis. To stay informed, sign up for our newsletter and take a minute to open them when they arrive in your inbox. We don’t inundate your inbox with junk mail, just juicy lil’ tidbits like new styles, new prints, and yes, limited time sales.


When will you be re-ordering / receiving new product?

That depends on when you ask, but generally speaking, we receive new prints every 2-3 months. They only item we ALWAYS produce in new prints is our side string shorts. Otherwise, we mix things up by making different tops, tanks, shorts and capri pants in our new prints. We often add to this inventory with fresh new styles and Shakti favorites in solid colors too. And just to be clear, 2-3 months is the longest we’ll go without releasing new gear. Usually, it’s closer 1-2 months.


Will you ever have XS or XL?

We never say never, but it’s not in the plans anytime soon. Our fabrics have plenty of stretch, and experience has taught us that the vast majority of our customers fit very well into one of the three sizes that we offer, so chances are you will too. If you want to be certain, check out our list of retail dealers for a studio or store near you that carries our clothing, or rest assured knowing that any product you purchase from our website can be returned to us for refund or exchange, as per our return policy.


Do I have to pay shipping for items I want to return/exchange?

Unless the item you wish to return/exchange was shipped to you in error or is defective in some way, you are responsible for shipping the item back to us. However, we will pay for shipping the new item to you, so the news isn’t all bad.