Our fabrics are at the very core of what makes our products special. All our materials contain four way stretch that will move as you move, stretch as you stretch. They are moisture wicking and allow your skin to breathe. They regulate core temperature, keeping you cool as your workout intensifies. Our fabrics are tough, made to last, yet uber soft against the skin. And since we love Mother Earth, our fabrics use 100% biodegradable nylon that will fully decompose within three years of being in a landfill environment. So not only are our fabrics kind to your skin, they are kind to the environment too. Each one of our products is made from one or a combination of the following materials:

‘Coolform’ -- an eco friendly, knitted fabric that combines air jet textured polyamide with spandex. Developed with Supplex® technology, it is a high performance, moisture wicking fabric that feels cottony soft against the skin, contains four-way stretch and retains its shape and color over time. Breathable, quick-dry, free from harmful chemicals with the added bonus of 50+ UV protection against ultraviolet radiation, we recommend Coolform fabric for all your sweaty endeavors!

We make all our solid color styles in this fabric including our solid side string shorts.

‘Coolform light’ -- an eco friendly knitted fabric that combines Amni® polyamide with elastane yarn. Lighter weight and thinner than our Coolform fabric, Coolform Light is meant specifically for heated rooms and hot places. This material is so light and so soft that it is often described as equivalent to the feeling of wearing nothing at all! Free from harmful chemicals while offering 50+ UV protection, we make all our prints in this material, and some styles in black too.

We recommend this material for hot yoga, during the summer months, or as an uber comfortable first layer during colder months for your outdoor activities.

Textured Coolform -- a funkified version of our Coolform fabric, with slightly less weight. You’ll find the cotton soft feel, moisture wicking properties, four-way stretch and shape retention are all present in this fabric, but also that it ‘pops’ giving it a 3D effect. Remember those pop-up books you read as a child? Think of our Textured Coolform as the material version of a pop-up book. Free from harmful chemicals while offering 50+ UV protection it grabs the eye and pairs beautifully with our other fabrics.

This fabric is a little heavier, and best suited for non heated activites. Yoga, dance, barre and pilates are great examples.

Stretch Mesh -- lightweight and stretchy, it offers ventilation without the bulk. Perfect for your active lifestyle, Stretch Mesh holds you in and breathes at the same time. We feature our Stretch Mesh mainly as an accent fabric and in combination with our Coolform and Coolform Light fabrics.