8 Ways to amp your energy!

8 Ways to amp your energy!

Feeling the winter blues? Here are ten tips from Dr. Libby Weaver (nee Ellis) (Ph.D) who is an Australasian nutrition specialist and weight loss expert based in Auckland, New Zealand. Check out her list of eight ways to help you have even more amazing energy, even if you feel like your energy is at an all time low. Her suggestion is to just pick one, and start there, incorporating more tips as you feel able and inspired to do so.

1.DO WHAT YOU LOVE: Write a list of all of the things/moments/experiences that you know light you up and bring more of those moments into your life this year.

2.FILL YOUR BODY WITH NUTRITIOUS FOOD: Focus on eating more real food. Real/whole foods contain not only nutrients but enzymes, necessary for every chemical process in the body.

3.BE KIND. REPEAT: Always show more kindness, grace, patience and helpfulness than you think is necessary.

4.MANAGE YOUR HEALTH VS. STRESSING ABOUT YOUR WEIGHT: Focus on your health and approach weight loss with more health-specific results in mind. For example, set goals around increased energy or feeling happier.

5.BREATHING: Notice the many wonders and forces of nature. It can be incredibly empowering and inspirational and can help us understand that we are never alone and part of a collective.

6.SPEND TIME IN NATURE: Learn to love the phrase: batch cooking. Plan your meals for the week before heading to the store. This way, you know exactly what you need and are less likely impulse-buy foods that don’t fit into your meals. How about leftovers? Don't toss them. With a little TLC, leftovers can be transformed into fresh new meals.

7.BEAUTIFUL YOU: Each morning when you get ready for your day, focus on ways that you can make another person’s day better and you will radiate a beautiful shine from the inside out. Beauty is being your best you – from the inside out.

8.GET MOVING: One of the best things you can do is get up and move first thing in the morning. This will help your elimination pathways and support your immunity.

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