Teacher Loyalty
Pricing Program!

Are you a certified teacher of yoga, pilates, pole fitness or any other discipline that places you at the helm? Awesome, we'd like to THANK YOU! We're grateful to all who help motivate movement and we're honored you choose to wear Shakti. To help facilitate your efforts, we'd like to invite you to our teacher loyalty pricing program!


How does it work?

Simple. Scan and email your teaching certificate to cs@shaktiaw.com. Include a link to the schedule of the studio where you teach, and an online bio if one exists. If you don't have link to your schedule, scan and email a copy of your most recent pay stub.


Then what?

That depends. If you already have an online account with Shakti, we will apply teacher pricing to that account, assuming your information is approved. You will then receive teacher pricing on all retail priced purchases made through your account at www.shaktiaw.com.

If you don't have an online account with us, we will ask that you create one. Teacher pricing is not possible without a Shakti account. Assuming you are approved and your account is properly set up, we will apply teacher pricing thereafter.


How long does it take to become approved?

No more than 2 business days, assuming requirements are met. We will notify all applicants by email once a decision is made.


Okay, but what exactly is
teachers pricing?

It's a discount, of course! As part of our teacher loyalty pricing program you will receive a 15% discount on all retail priced items through our website. The discount won't applyto sale or clearance priced items, since those items are already amazing deals, but they will apply to every item we carry at retail price. This includes our new releases along with our most popular styles and colors!!


What's in the fine print?

We'll ask that you verify your teaching status annually. Your discount will not be revoked unless we find that you are no longer employed as a qualified teacher. As long as you continue to share your teaching talents with the world, you'll qualify for our discount. Happy days.

Ready to Apply?

To apply, email your credentials to csshaktiaw.com