Our Fabrics:

We're often asked why our clothing feels so soft and light, why it regains its form after each use, dries fast while  it stays looking great through countless wearings and washes.

The answer is simple and it hits at the very core of our business...   

It's our materials!

When we made our first side string shorts we had a very specific need in mind. We loved the feel of cotton but we hated how it absorbed our perspiration and felt heavy on our skin.

We wanted a material that would stretch with our bodies through "asanas", yet bounce back to form as we lay in "savasasana". We aspired for a solution to loose fitting shirts and shorts but we needed to ensure our material would last.

It required a great deal of searching, testing, and tweaking but we found a solution... 

Choose the most unique, highest quality fabrics available, designed to meet our specific goals & needs.


Supplex fabric is a sturdy fabric that closely resembles cotton.
However, unlike cotton, it is a very stretchy, non absorbent and non odor retaining material that is  easier to care for.
It combines modern fiber technology to form a fabric that is comfortable, long-lasting and doesn't damage easily.
It contains  50+ UV protection.
Available in solid colors.


 We make all our prints in this material, We recommend this material for hot yoga or as an "uber" comfortable first layer during colder months for your outdoor activities including the beach.

It is a knitted fabric that combines polyamide with elastane yarn. Lighter weight and thinner than our cool form fabric,  It is meant for heated rooms and hot places. This material is so light and so soft that it is often described as equivalent to the feeling of wearing nothing at all!. 

It contains  50+ UV protection.

Available in print and solid colors.



This fabric feels like butter!

Similar to the Cool Form Light with a "next level" soft touch and a shiny, cool sensation complementing the ultra stretchy feeling.

It contains  50+ UV protection.

Available in Solid colors