We're often asked why our clothing feels so soft and light, why it regains its form after each use and why it stays looking great through countless uses and washes. The answer is simple, and it hits at the very very core of our business. It's our material.

Shakti garments are now made with the eco-friendly fabric AMNI Soul Eco (CO2) which was the first article of knitwear to be produced with 6.6 biodegradable nylon, a Brazilian technology and pioneer in the world. The formulation of this yarn has been improved to allow garments made from it to decompose rapidly after disposal in landfills. The decomposition that had taken decades to occur on nylon (generic name polyamide) in less then 3 years is already fully decomposed. The article (CO2) has UV 50+ protection, it is free of products toxic to human skin according to international Oeko – Tex 100 Class I certification.

CO2 is also made with sustainable use of industrial water in the process of dyeing and printings, thus allowing the use of reuse water and avoiding the consumption of drinking water.

When we made our first side string short we had very specific needs in mind. We loved the feel of cotton, but we hated how it absorbed all our sweat and felt heavy on our skin. We wanted a material that would strectch with our bodies through asanas, yet bounce back to form as we lay in savasasana. We aspired for a solution to loose fitting shirts and shorts but we needed to ensure our material would last, we demanded durability. It required a great deal of searching, testing and tweaking, but we found a solution, and we call it 'Coolform'.

Coolform Light

Is a knitted fabric that combines Amni polyamide with elastane yarn. Lighter weight and thinner than our coolform fabric, coolform light is meant specifically for heated rooms and hot places. This material is so light and so soft that it is often described as equivalent to the feeling of wearing nothing at all! Free from harmfu chemicals while offering 50+ UV protection, we make all our prints in this material, and some styles in black too. We recommend this material for hot yoga, during the summer months, or as anuber comfortable first player during colder months for your outdoor activities.

Eco Coolform

Has a slightly textured surface with a very comfortable fir that molds to the body without over compressing. Wicking properties provide ideal thermal exchange while the lighter weight is deal for hot rooms and hot places. We weave this fabric with 100% biodegradable nylon Amni Soul Eco, a Brazilian technology, which produces accelerated garment decomposition in landfills. While it once took decades for traditional nylons to decompose, our Eco Coolform will fully decompose within three years of being in a landfill. Free from toxic chemicals and containing 50+ UV protection, this is a fabric that both Mother Earth and your skin will love.

Stretch Mesh

Is both lightweight and stretchy. It offers ventilation withour the bulk, it holds you in and breathes at the same time, making it perfect for your active lifestyle. We feature our stretch mesh mainly as an accent fabric and in combination with our coolform and coolform light fabrics.