Peru - Shakti & Synergy Mystical Journey

Peru - Shakti & Synergy Mystical Journey

July 26th - August 2nd  I  2025.


Experience the magic of Peru’s Sacred Valley with a wonderful community of wellness practitioners. Our journey begins in the Andean city of Cusco, the capital of the Inca Empire. From Cusco we travel to Willka T’ika Wellness Retreat & Boutique Hotel, in the town of Urubamba, surrounded by the splendor of the Andes. During our stay at Willka T’ika guests will experience outdoor herbal baths; therapeutic massage; nutritious farm to table vegetarian meals; and the well known chakra gardens which hold a variety of healing herbs. From our Willka T’ika base camp we will explore the Sacred Valley through daily trips and workshops, including: 

  • Machu Picchu
  • Vinicunca (Rainbow Mountain)
  • Maras Salt Flats
  • A presentation on traditional Inca/Quechua weaving techniques by the Chincheros Womens Workshop
  • The Urubamba Farmers Market and an exploration of Inca agriculture and medicine
  • Semanario Ceramics Workshop
  • Peruvian cuisine
  • Yoga & Workshops
  • Interactive Thai Bodywork Workshop
  • Partner Stretching Workshop

With 17 years of experience curating retreats in the region, the leadership team has organized an exceptional itinerary that balances spectacular adventures with relaxation and treatments at our boutique hotel. All the while we’ll absorb the high energetic frequencies of the Sacred Valley!

Retreat Leaders: Ana Bugarim, Francisco Morales-Bermudez and Salim Rollins

 Included:  Additional Activities At Preferred Rates (Not Included): 
  • Accommodations
  • Airport transfers 
  • All entry fees to the Inca sites
  • All meals (except for one lunch) 
  • All yoga & movement workshops
  • All logistics & travel expenses (within Cusco and the Sacred Valley)
  • Massages  (may be booked upon request at Willka T’ikka Hotel)
  • Cocoa leaf readings
  • Herbal baths
  • Other Excursions 

  • Suggested Reading:

    • The Cradle of Gold by Christopher Heaney 
    • Journey to Machu Picchu by Carol Cumes & Romulo Lizarraga Valencia



    Day 1: Saturday, July 26th - Arrivals

    Guests will be picked up from Cusco Airport by our staff coordinated by our Transportation Manager, Wilbert Palomino. From the airport we head to Willka T’ika Hotel & Wellness Retreat - rated as one of the top 9 wellness retreat centers in the world by CNN!

    Opening Circle at Yoga Shala

    Dinner at Willka T’ika

    Optional Bookings at WT Spa: 

    • herbal bath
    • massage 
    • coca leaf reading

    Day 2: Sunday, July 27th - Day to Acclimate

    Morning Yoga

    Breakfast at Willka T’ika

    Tour of Willka T’ika’s world famous chakra gardens that contain a wide variety of healing herbs, fruit, and vibrant flowers.

    Lunch at Willka T’ika

    Interactive Thai Bodywork Workshop led by Francisco 

    Thai Bodywork is a traditional therapy combining acupressure; stretching and kneading movements. The practice dates back to the time of the Buddha (approx. 500 B.C.). Francisco has led numerous Thai Bodywork certifications at Breathing Dragon and in various countries including Peru, Kenya, USA, Canada, Holland, Portugal, and Mexico. 

    Dinner at Willka T’ika

    Day 3: Monday, July 27th - Cultural Immersion

    Morning Yoga 

    Breakfast at Willka T’ika

    Bus to Urubamba Farmer’s Market

    Tour of Urubamba Farmer’s Market

    Walk to Seminario Ceramics Center

    Tour of Seminario Ceramics Center

    Walk to Mashua - Urubamba Restaurant w/ Chef Andrea

    Lunch at Mashua - Urubamba Restaurant

    Bus to Willka T’ika

    Afternoon Yoga

    Dinner at Willka T’ika

    Following breakfast, we’ll drive 10 minutes to Urubamba Farmer’s Market which contains an array of delicacies including superfoods like maca; unique indigenous fruits and vegetables; local chocolate and coffee and more. Our time at the market is an essential part of understanding Inca/Quechua culture. Agriculture is a bedrock of Andean culture as expressed through its reverence for the divine feminine energy of Pachamama. 

    After our visit to the market, we’ll walk fifteen minutes to the Seminario Ceramics Center. Co-Founder and internationally renowned artist, Pablo Seminario has a permanent exhibit at the Chicago Art Museum. Additionally, his work is on exhibit at  the Smithsonian Museum in Washington, D.C..  Pablo and his wife, Marilu, are an integral part of the preservation and revitalization of Inca ceramic art and technology.

    Day 4: Tuesday, July 28th - Rainbow Mountain

    Depart for Rainbow Mountain/Vinicunca

    Breakfast at a hotel en route to Rainbow Mountain

    Hike Rainbow Mountain/Vinicunca

    Depart Rainbow Mountain

    Lunch at Colca Vinicunca Cafe

    Drive to Willka T’ika

    Dinner at Willka T’ika

    Vinicunca (Rainbow Mountain) is a majestic experience for those visiting the Andes. Surrounded by glacial peaks, the mountain’s indescribable beauty showcases multiple colors. As this will be the highest altitude of the retreat some guests will manage the 3-hour hike by foot and others can ascend the mountain on horseback towards the summit (17,000 feet). The hike will take roughly 3 hours and the distance is about 2.5 miles. 

    Day 5: Wednesday, July 29th - Day in the Gardens

    Morning Yoga

    Breakfast: Willka T’ika

    Lunch: Willka T’ika

    Dinner: Willka T’ika

    Free day to enjoy massages, herbal baths, visit the town of Ollantaytambo or Urubumba. 

    Day 6: Wednesday, July 30th - Historic & Cultural Immersion

    Morning Yoga 

    Breakfast: Willka T’ika

    Travel to Maras Salt Mines

    Tour Maras Salt Mines

    Travel to Don Angel Restaurant

    Lunch: Don Angel Restaurant

    Bus to Chinchero

    Workshop and shopping at Chinchero

    Bus from Chinchero to Willka T’ika

    Dinner: Willka T’ika

    On day 6, we visit the Maras salt flats and the Chinchero weavers workshop. The salt mines of Maras date back to pre-Inca civilisations and continue to be actively utilized today! The ancient technology utilizes natural salt water springs that are channeled into terraced ponds, or “cochas” in Quechua, that are stabilized by retaining walls. Guests will learn the history, science, and communal organization of the flats. You’ll also be able to purchase some of the most healing and delicious salt in the world directly from the custodians of Maras! 

    Following lunch we’ll visit a workshop of Inca/Quechua weavers in the town of Chinchero. The weavers will give us a presentation sharing their traditional dyeing techniques and the ancient stories that are embedded within their designs. These images pay homage to the natural elements and the universal balance of feminine and masculine energies. Chinchero is also notable for having maintained Inca culture in spite of attempts by the Spanish to “civilize” and reform the culture.The residents of Chincero have handed down the ancient textile science of the Inca including traditional looms; the use of various herbs, plants and vegetation for their dyes; and Incan designs which hold numerous cultural values of the Inca.

    Day 7: Thursday, July 31st - Machu Picchu

    Train from Ollantaytambo to Aguas Calientes 

    Bus from Aguas Calientes to Machu Picchu

    Tour Machu Picchu

    Bus from Machu Picchu to Aguas Calientes 

    Lunch in Aguas Calientes

    Train from Aguas Calientes to Ollantaytambo

    Bus from Ollantaytambo to Willka T’ika

    Dinner at Willka T’ika

    They say “the journey’s the destination” and our journey to Machu Picchu through the lush jungle terrain, on the “Vistadome" train will prove this adage true! The picturesque train ride, with panoramic views includes live Andean music and a traditional folkloric dance performance. Our guided tour of the sacred site will offer deep insights into Machu Picchu’s function in Inca society and the methods of construction. 

    Day 8: Friday, July 31st - Free Day

    Morning Yoga 

    Breakfast at Willka T’ika

    Lunch: Willka T’ika

    Yoga Workshop

    Dinner: Willka T’ika 

    Bonfire & Closing Circle w/Live Music

    Day 9: Saturday, June 8th - Departures

    Morning Yoga 

    Breakfast at Willka T’ika

    We will depart to the Cusco Airport after breakfast. If some of our guests have an earlier flight we will arrange for a private ride.


    Purchasing your ticket: 

    We suggest buying your flight from your home city to Cusco. There will be a layover at the Lima Airport. Hopefully your layover is not too long; but if it’s overnight, Lima has a nice airport hotel. Here is the link: 

    Once you connect to your domestic flight from Lima to Cusco, we will be at the Cusco Airport to pick you up. 

    If you’d like to arrive a couple of days early and spend time in Lima, the coastal capital of Perú, please let us know and we will arrange transportation for you and can connect you with our favorite spots in the city. 

    Travel insurance can be purchased by guests who feel more comfortable having coverage in case of any unforeseen travel challenges. 

    What to pack:

    Temperatures in Cusco typically fluctuate daily. Evening time is chilly and daytime is usually sunny and warm. Layering is the key. Here’s what we recommend you bring:

    • A light down vest or jacket
    • Long undershirts
    • Long underwear
    • At least one heavy sweater but remember, Peru has some of the best and coziest sweaters in the world made from alpaca wool!
    • Hiking boots for the Rainbow Mountain hike
    • A daypack for all of the day trips
    • A rain shell just in case
    • A water bottle
    • An empty duffle bag to carry all of your beautiful garments and artwork back home!


    Gratuities are not included in the price of your retreat. Gratuities for the staff that will be taking care of you all week is recommended $10 per day per person & will be collected on the last evening of the retreat. Gratuities for shuttle drivers & guides that will be taking you to and from all of your amazing destinations is recommended at $2-5 per transfer. Please give gratuities directly to the drivers and guides following their service.

    ATM & Cash: 

    There is at ATM conveniently located 10 minutes from our host hotel. We advise you that you travel with $200 - $300 USD, which can be exchanged in Urubamba where we’ll be staying. Advise your bank and/or credit card company that you’ll be traveling prior to leaving your home country to avoid restrictions. Some shopping can be done with a credit card and some will require cash (Peruvian Soles), including tips. We will visit an ATM and/or cash exchange store at least twice during the retreat. 

    Cancellation Policy

    If a participant needs to cancel prior to April 1st, 2024, We will hold the full deposit towards a future event. After April 1st, 50% of the deposit will be held for a future event.

    Contact us for more Information