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Our Fabrics


This fabric offers the comfort of cotton with added stretch for unrestricted movement. Its non-absorbent nature wicks away moisture and resists odors, keeping you fresh during workouts. Durable and resistant to damage, supplex maintains its shape, color, and performance over time.

Cool Form Light Fabric

Stay cool and comfortable during hot yoga and outdoor activities. This lightweight, breathable material excels in moisture management, wicking away sweat to keep you dry in heated conditions. Its thin and soft composition provides freedom and breathability akin to wearing nothing at all.

Ultra Cool Form Light

Elevate your activewear experience with. It is the epitome of luxury, offering an unmatched soft touch. Slip into this fabric, and you'll feel like you're wrapped in butter. Its smooth texture enhances comfort while adding a touch of indulgence. This fabric also boasts a subtle sheen, elevating your style. Stay flexible and free with its ultra-stretchy feel.

Supplex Demi Compression

Experience high coverage, zero transparency, and adjusted compression with Demi Compression fabric, ensuring flexibility and comfort for every move. It's environmentally committed and GREEN FIBERO certified, saving up to 70% of water during production.


UV Protection:

All our fabrics feature 50+ UV protection, safeguarding your skin from harmful sun radiation, even in sunny conditions.

Material Overview:

At Shakti, we prioritize high-quality materials for comfortable, high- performance, and sustainable activewear.

For Care:

Machine wash gently, skip fabric softeners, and line dry for lasting quality.